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Post news RSS Update 0.17 - Better Multiplayer, extended chatbox and minimap

Version 0.17 is out! See changelog for more details.

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Update 0.17 is a bit bigger than the other updates because I changed a lot in the multiplayer code, fixed bugs etc. There are also two new features, minimap and an extended chatbox. Names of the clients are shown and you can see the last three messages! On the minimap you can see other players as well. The minimap is only available in adventure maps. Now this game is ready for this year's NCFC. :)

Changelog 0.17:

  • Newly created collectables are synchronized in multiplayer
  • Chat box remembers 3 last messages and does not close after typed a message
  • Chat box can be opened during death animation as well
  • Names are displayed after sending a message
  • Cheats need a '/' before entering to be activated and are not sent to other players
  • Created minimap which is automatically generated after you enter a new room(Only available in adventure maps)
  • On the minimap you can see other players as well
  • Escape does not close the game anymore
  • FIXED BUG: If the host enter or go outside the room the screen turns black for a moment
  • FIXED BUG: You can collect two collectables with textbox simultaneously
  • FIXED BUG: Since a surface can be errased any time in graphics memory and is not recreated sometimes a surface crash happens
  • FIXED BUG: Ocarinabox is drawn weird sometimes(e.g. after entering a new room)
  • FIXED BUG: Variable "image_add" not found during spin attack in multiplayer
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