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Post news RSS Update 01.137 - GPU Particles & Projectile Impact Decals

Update 01.137 has been released! GPU Particles, Projectile Impact Decals and more...

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Update 01.137: This week we're bringing you an exciting update: the new GPU particles we've been teasing you with for the past few months! Please note that these are a work in progress, and we still have some tweaks and adjustments to make. Nearly every particle in the game has been redone and converted into GPU particles, allowing us to render many simultaneously without negatively affecting performance. We would also really like to hear your feedback and opinions on the particles, so be sure to tell us what you think in the comments or on our forums.

We're also releasing the first batch of decals along with particles today. There are now decals for missiles and bullet impacts, which should make your ships and stations look much more like they’ve been through battle.

Full list of new features and fixes: Forums.keenswh.com

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