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Update notes on Unit Addon version 0.04 (25.03.2016)

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Changelog 0.04

Unit Addon:

- Added new units:

Pike & Shot Formation, Late- and Early Swiss Guard, Anatolian Shock Cavalry,

Tartar Raiders (ottoman tech group), Ottoman Swordsmen, (Western) Shortbow,

Crossbow Marksmen (eastern tech group), Crossbows (western tech group), (Western)

Medieval Halberd, Hongyipao (Chinese Tech group artillery), Kartouwe (artillery),

Cheonja Chontong (chinese tech group artillery),

Jija Chongtong (chinese tech group artillery), Hwacha (chinese artillery),

Mortier De 12 Gribeauval, Singijeon (chinese artillery),

African Sabre Cavalry, Dutch Musketeer Infantry, Prussian Musketeer Infantry,

(Western) Halberd, Egyptian Pikes (muslim tech group), Muscovite Streltsy, Swedish Reiter,

Ottoman Militiaman.

Tweaks: Locked the Early Carrack into the western tech group


- I'm open for suggestions

- if there's problems occurring due to the lock on Early Carracks feel free to report

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