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With the launch of v4 due later this summer, Worldweaver have now revealed a list of the key features you can expect...

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Cross platform support - players for Android, and Java+OpenGL (Windows+Mac+Linux)

Editor based mesh tweaker - for terrain finishing touches. Lets you 'soft' select vertices and raise/lower

Light shaft effect - creates volumes of light beams.

Shadow improvements - removing judder of mapped shadows as resolution becomes more obvious.

Password protect option on build, with more seamless use of protected components.

SM2 minimum with user shader code insertion points, will compile SM3 if available.

Editor based performance monitor with pie charts showing a breakdown of time in each frame, with click-to-drilldown.Instant edit and preview of documents. The documents are always loaded, so no need for F12. Scene editors launch without delay. Restart/pause buttons on the toolbar.

Re-engineered scene graph - will provide a huge boost to render speed on all complex documents.

Comprehensive script commands for adding/removing any aspect (e.g. object.effectAdd), with tighter memory management.

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