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Some progress updates for you all, including information on our upcoming Kickstarter project to help spread the game to other platforms!

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Good afternoon! While we've been pretty quiet on the IndieDB front, we're as busy as ever, and we have a couple of noteworthy things to share about our progress with the game.

First of all, we finally installed a working download counter last month, and over the course of 30 days the demo version of the game has been downloaded over 600 times. This is huge for us, so a big Thanks goes out to all of our supporters!

Next, we are currently making plans to begin a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter:

We will making a Kickstarter for Freedom Planet for several reasons. The most important reason is that we want the game to reach as many people as possible, and to do this, we will need some extra money to purchase all of the various exporters for our game software. Our options include Flash, iOS, Android, OUYA, and Mac, among others. Second, our artist unfortunately had to leave the team, so we will need money to commission a professional to pick up where our previous artist left off. Third, we would like to purchase a Soundsnap subscription plan so that we can use some of the awesome sound effects that are available on their website.

The best thing about all of our needs is that they are reusable for future projects, so this won't just benefit Freedom Planet, but any future project that we begin as well! In addition, if we should exceed our funding goal by a large amount, we have several ideas to help spice up the game event more, including fully animated OVA cutscenes, supplementary materials such as physical instruction manuals and other merchandise, and of course, sequels. These are just rough ideas of what we'd do if we receive more funding than we need, though, and we'll focus on the essentials first and foremost.

We'll keep you updated on our plans and let you know as soon as our Kickstarter goes live! We're aiming to get everything ready within a couple of weeks.


I gladly donate for Freedom Planet ;)

And i can't wait for future updates, good luck with kickstarter, who knows, perhaps you'll get enough money for some awesome OVAs :D

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I found about this game earlier today, and I must say that it's really good so far. The gameplay is really addicting, even more than this game's inspiration, Sonic the Hedgehog. Those two games may have their similarities, but this game has enough other things to offer to really differentiate the two games. It's also a shame to hear that your artist had to leave, the game really had an interesting art direction going.

I would donate if I had the money to do so, all I can do is spread the word about this game, and it really needs to be more popular than it is now. I'll do all I can to support this game, it has a lot of potential and I can't wait for the final product. :)

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