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Snouty Plays is back with an announcement: The upcoming online beta hosting of the game on MAY 30.

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Many months since the last Pre-Beta version, The egg frying simulation game-- 'Fry Me Omelettes', is now ready for another period of game hosting! (Beta version)

The date of the game hosting is confirmed at MAY 30 to JUNE 20.
The game will be hosting at play.snoutycreations.com

New additions of the game are listed below: (as from previous version Pre-beta 0.59)

  • Some revamped/improved graphics
  • 'Casual' & 'Challenge' mode on 'Play' menu
  • 'Record' menu
  • 'Stats' menu
  • 'Egg Look' screen (top-down view of the dish)
  • New Secret Unlockables
  • More Critic Expressions
  • More Critiques
  • New Music Track
  • Improved Game Stability

New Menu Look, 'Challenge' Mode

A more 'finalized' look of the menu screen. New 'Records' & 'Stats' are some the newest features of this version of the game.('Records' & 'Stats' will only popped-up after your 1st play)
'Play' the previous 'Random' mode, now becomes 'Casual' mode. Alongside, comes a new 'Challenge' mode, for players to fry certain types of eggs/omelettes!

The 'Egg Look' screen

A very exciting new feature-- where you'll get to see a beautiful top-down view of your well-made egg dishes right before the judgement! It's a total EYE-CANDY!

'Stats' & 'Records' Menus

'Stats' reveals basic to interesting datas about the wins, loses, time played, averages, favorites, and so on. There's also a 'unlocks' tab to view unlocked items.
On the other hand, 'Records' screen lets you flip through & view up to 20 of your most recent egg-dishes! This is one of the BEST feature yet!

That's all for the news. We gladly welcome anyone to try out the game!
Thank you!

Further Notes:
Ham, can be totally omitted by clicking 'Ham' into 'No Ham'-- from the 'Option' menu.
Snouty Plays is humbly respectful of one's choices of food, any misconception to one's personal/cultural/religious preferences is purely unintentional.

You can visit www.snoutycreations.com/plays/ for my official game development log.
* I'm sorry to say that the website is currently unavailable.

Or visit via Facebook or Google+ to follow & support my game.

See Ya!

-Allen T, Snouty Plays

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