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Quick rundown on the next features I'm working on - new map, new team and a web version.

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Hey there friends,

Just a quick update to let you know what features I'm working on now.

  • New Map
    Started work on a robot-themed two lane map. Having two lanes makes it both simpler and furious. The addition on this map is another lane that connects the two lanes in the middle which anyone can walk down. In the middle of this 'connecting lane' is a button. When one of your minions walks past it they press the button and add a count to your team. When a team reaches X points they summon a technicolor robot to assist in their firework seeking endeavors!
  • New Team - Urchin
    I mentioned Urchin in an earlier post and am finally getting around to putting them together. Including all manner of sea creature dressed as a pirate, Urchin are a team that becomes stronger when they hit water. It keeps you active since any slacking off means you might get stuck on your side of the river and be at a disadvantage. The hero is a captain-octopus whose ability allows him to grab minions from other lanes and pull them into his. I'm excited to see how the different match ups work out!
  • Web Player
    Not difficult to do since I'm using unity, but I want to get these new things in before I build the web version. Hopefully I might get some more people playing it if it doesn't require a download. I want to get a couple of other things in also so the game doesn't feel so unhelpful - Better selection screen that explains what team units do, so you know what you're going in with - Enhanced AI since it's very basic at the moment (very simple to beat the sasquatches!) - and customisable controls!

Aside from that I'm just bug fixing and trying to balance the two teams. It's quite close I think but it's hard to tell when the only feedback I'm getting is from playing against my friends whom I can obliterate, so let me know if you have any thoughts!


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