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Information about upcoming Demo and 3D models below

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I have decided to only make dev diaries for each region of the game. (January marks my final one) Why? because i plan on releasing a demo of the old world soon. Furthermore, I will start to add in continents at a time for every next build. For instance, I will likely add in Ulthuan after the release of my demo. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments of this article, or message my Instagram.


I personally don't understand anyone who could play a mod without any custom models. Who would ever want to play as an orc when you look like a English Spearmen? I have multiple options on adding custom models, i could ask the Warhammer CK2 community for their assets, simply use World of Warcraft models (but it sadly won't be as accurate) or import models from Warhammer total war 2, which is what i'll most likely end up going with. If it ends up being too complicated (meaning i can't complete it within 2 weeks) then i will skip impleming it into the demo.


can you please finish other stuff before models or may never get done.This will allow for playable version quicker and allow us to bug test.Most of use could care less. further free models on thingverse that will work legally and look wise for things like orcs . Please do this first begging you ,been waiting years.thank you for doing this. for areas like boarder prices can be made into ton of small states like in lore easily.thank you

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sirgreat123 Author

That's a fair point, but it would only take me a couple days to find the models to use and plug them in. I could look more into it, but if it's actually more complicated then i think it is, then i'll prolly just wait until I can at least get the demo out.

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sirgreat123 Author

very much appreciate the feedback

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