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Very important things happening and coming up read to get the gist and watch for updates with more information and listen to Xoom's soundcloud it gives excellent info.

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chimm SALUTE soldiers of WWII Online!

This weeks report lightly covers the upcoming patch withfixes to the Morris Gun Tractor, Bedford OY, Sd. Kfz 232, PPO placements, AWS changes and more. Additionally, XOOM discusses the Free Play changes via Soundcloud (audio link below), and OPERATION SILENT INFERNO!

Read the full article below...

Patch is close to release, listed beloware some highlights:

  • Morris Gun Tractor - Traction, suspension, and weight distribution have been adjusted.
  • Bedford OY - Engine "high" idling audio (third person view) when in neutral has been corrected.
  • Sd. Kfz 232 - Selective armor plates adjustment - corrected to historical thickness.
  • PPO - Corrected issues while placed/clipping on uneven terrain/berms
  • AWS - All planes willonly trigger AWS when:
    • within 10 km of any enemy town
    • over 10 km away from any friendly towns (off map andocean areas included)
    • over enemy territory
  • Satchel clipping into stationary vehicles has been corrected
  • AHC will be allowed to changethe ownership of an "inactive" Garrisonacross the game world. New supply will trickle with the 1 hour timer (same as newly captured towns).

There are more items in this patch, so keep an eye out for the official "Readme".

Changes to Free Play accounts

A series of changes are in progress to create a better on-boarding experience for new users joining WWII Online and shaping an appropriate set of expectations for what our game service is all about. As of today, perpetual Free Play access will no longer be offered and has been replaced with a 30 day free trial account which gives you all infantry and a truck. We have 5 subscription options available and we will no longer be selling downloadable content. Continue reading this article to receive full details and an explanation for why CRS has made these necessary changes to our game service experience.

Listen to XOOM's Soundcloud recording here.

Operation Silent Inferno!


Operation " SILENT INFERNO" is our next live server event is scheduled for Sunday, August 4, 2019 and will start at 12:00 PM server time. This event is another one of our series of High Command led live server events. These events have brought in large numbers of players and some very big combined arms battles. Gather your squaddies and rally up for an afternoon of intense battles!

Time zone breakdown:

12:00PM Server (GMT -6)
10AM Pacific
1PM Eastern
6PM England (GMT)

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