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This week we completed work on the Oort Star skill system and have written up a detailed article covering exactly how it works.

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A quick overview

Our goal for the skill system was to allow each player to experience the game in their own unique way. If you find something enjoyable then we'll give you more ways of doing it, if you find something boring then you can start something else straight away.

Training skills comes in two parts and the first of those is certificates, the important items that allow you to train.

Next comes the skill training itself. Y
ou can only train one skill at a time and each skill requires a different amount of real time depending on its significance. Early skills may only take a few minutes whilst end of tree skills may take days.

Planning on going out for a few hours? Then feel free to leave something training so it will be ready for your return! As skill training continues even whilst logged out.

Interested in full details about how the skill system of Oort Star will work? Then check out the let's talk skills article.

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