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Get ready to welcome this new immersive first person shooter adventure. Today after a short but good introduction to Untill Light I will also explain the future plans for the game.

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With Untill Light I want to bring you in an immersive and amazing adventure in a first person shooter game that mixes together horror and survival elements without losing his shooting soul.

To make your adventure more immersive than other shooters I decided to use Unreal Engine 4 to give you the best light effects and also to have the best performance possible.

In Untill Light the light is your best friend and also your worst enemy. Is up to you to decide which one is the right definition.

Plans for the game:

On which platform the game will run? At the moment the games supports only Windows, but I also want to bring Untill Light on OSX and Linux machines.

Is there an Alpha, Beta or something else? Not at the moment, the game is not ready to be played in a open test. I want to create an Alpha with at least one gamemode and one map as soon as possible.

What the release version will include? I plan to include at least 4 gamemodes and 9 maps.

Will the game have a multiplayer? Yes, but not at the moment. My first aim is to build a really enjoyable gameplay experience. I will focus on pvp and co-op multiplayer when the singleplayer is good enouth to be released.

Where do you want to publish your game? My objective is to bring Untill Light (Beta) on Steam later this year.

When the game will come out? I really don't know.

How can I help you? If you like Untill Light you can talk about this game with your friends. If you want you can also give me a feedback, I would love to hear your thoughts about Untill Light.

Where can I follow the development? You can follow the development by following this IndieDB page or @RickyCoDev on Twitter.

Where can I ask questions/send feebacks? You can ask a question a leave a feedback with a comment on this IndieDB page or with a private message/Tweet to @RickyCoDev.


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