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Unsung Heroes is a Zelda-styled game I am currently working on. It is focused on story and atmosphere. I am planning to include poems inbetween chapters or important events to give an atmosphere.

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Unsung Heroes

The theme of the game is belief. The use of idols and gods are very prevalent in the setting of Unsung Heroes. The leaders abuse the spirituality of the people - for it is the only thing people accept without evidence.

As Unsung Heroes will most likely be a series, each focusing on completely different themes and heroes, this first game in the series would ned to have a subtitle. One I am considering is:

Unsung Heroes: Bloodflare

I had to decide on a way to make sure my analogies and metaphors carry enough weight and are not too abstract, as I am an avid writer and I enjoy writing just as much as game development. So these are quite a few things I go through/ask myself(writing is an experience of self doubt):

1. Establish a theme

Bloodflare, weird at first, but it had to sound intriguing to draw attention.It is an abstract sounding item/object/thing - what is it? Here's a breakdown:

  • On first notice it reminds one of blood and fire(flare).
  • Fire = war, destruction, passion, etc
  • Blood = death, life, loss, etc

2. Okay so what actually is 'Bloodflare'?

  • Bloodflare is a flower
  • Bloodflares are known for their beauty.
  • In the game's world, bloodflares bloom after battles of humans, they grow out of the blood, death and destruction.
  • Bloodflares feed on blood and they only live as long as the amount of blood available.
  • Some fanatics have tried to keep bloodflares by feeding the bloodflare of their own blood, this does prolong the bloom, however it eventually wilts.

3. How can this be used?

  • Well I can't give away too much yet, but as you can see I've established something unique to my game. You understand something that's only in this game, something with a lot of lore that may even show relevance to real life. (This is what many great fantasy tales do, they give hope and connect with the real world. How many of us haven't wished for pokemon? Or when we suffer pain/loss/grief, we try to compare ourselves to our fictional heroes, Example saying something like: "This must've been what Snake felt when he believed the boss betrayed him").
  • You could do an endless number of things to show something of real importance and beauty by bending the rules abit. Example: We've established that the bloodflare blooms after battles of humans and assuming they never have bloomed for the death of animals, but suddenly there's a great deal of poaching going on and animals are dying and suddenly a group of animals show up at a human town each with a bloodflare in thier mouth/hand and they all drop it at the base of the town, showing that they too need to be treated as beings and be protected. This could then incite a spark of empathy and the humans would then help the animals. This could be portrayed as 'animals have souls too'.

Well I hope this was a entertaining and useful read. I leave you with the poem of the Bloodflare:


The wretches of the underworld
Sang of these days
When pride drives the heart
Straight into fire

Brothers charge at each other
And clash, and life leaves their bodies
And slowly the world grows colder

Dying breaths of regret
And masters command from towers that touch the heavens
And everyone has seen gods fall

And the future lies in lies
And evidence is the word of the cunning
And honor is outdated

Our world is a wasteland
And the only beauty is a flower which blooms from the blood of destruction

The Bloodflare
Her beauty is magnificent
Her beauty is hope
She decays the darkness

A Bloodflare for all heroes


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