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Physics based and chaotic horizontal side scrolling Viral Vigor!!! is now available for PC!

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Good news everybody! Now PC gamers can fully enjoy the mayhem and maladies of my horizontal side scrolling bullet hell Viral Vigor!!!

Help Rad pummel some unsuspecting person's immune system into plasmic waste!

You can now purchase the game from Desura for PC or visit either the Samsung App or Google play stores for the Android version.

Desura Digital Distribution

In commemoration of this release I'm going to share some of the foes Rad will face off against.

Anti-viral enemies

White blood cells. Native to the circulatory system. Deadly to the touch and traverses linearly across the map in formations.

Anti-viral enemies

Standard blue bacteria. Traverses linearly across the map like white blood cells however they are harmless but can take quite a beating and crowd up the battlefield which can cause even more problems.

Anti-viral enemies

Stomach acid is similarly deadly to the touch like white blood cells however they can take more damage and have an oscillatory roam which mean they don't maintain formation. Beware!

Anti-viral enemies

Green stomach bacteria unlike it's blue cousin is extremely dangerous. They will mind their own business and travel across the screen. However, the minute they make contact with the player they'll try and maintain a static position and repeatedly emit radial burst of projectiles.

Anti-viral enemies

Cold viruses can be found the in the respiratory system. Similar the player's Rad virus, they fire direct but limited shots at foes while wandering randomly across the map.

Anti-viral enemies

Yellow bacteria may the most dangerous of all. They maintain a constant orbit of deadly projectiles while rushing across the screen. Not only can they take quite a beating but their orbitals will absorb fire for them.

Anti-viral enemies

The last enemy I will discuss is the neuron. These can be found in the nervous system and stick together in clusters. They are deadly to the touch so handling them requires dismantling the core nodes in the right order.

As for the bosses, I suppose you all will have to find out for yourselves!

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