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Hugely improved inventory mechanics/visuals, working spirit jelly functionality, and improved interactions!

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- Updated Inventory System Graphics
- Improved SFX
- Fixed a majority of item interaction bugs
- Implementation of jelly spawns by inventory charms
- Jelly Hats!
- New water physics
- Updated Jelly behavior
- Updated icons/HUD visuals
- Updated Item Descriptions/visuals
- improved upgradable inventory backpack
- Updated enumeration variations on interaction types
- Updated controls of interaction
- Implementation of Checkpoint system
- Improved/updated spirit orb collectibles/sfx

I know I totally skipped an October update, but I never stopped grinding on this project. With the new year on its way, i've been working on this nonstop. Art classes are done with, so that will free up way more of my time to dedicate to building this game. There are many things I managed to get done, but for this month's update, I largely focused on ironing out the inventory interaction system. On top of all of this, i'm gearing up to start up the twitch channel again (but I have to do it from scratch since twitch does not want to give me my account back due to unforseen complications). So stay tuned, this next year is gonna be a big one for progress! Follow the IG for more!: Instagram.com

InventoryUpdateProgress 01

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