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Have you ever wanted to create one of those indie-looking games, the ones with that simple 3D geometry that has come to be known as "Low Poly"? If so you might have encountered a problem when you were working with the standard Unity-terrain. It's soft shaded, meaning whatever you do with it, it will not have those rough, hard edges that indeed is the Low Poly-look. Well, look no further, because today I announce to you that "Low Poly systems - Low Poly World" is available in the Asset Store!

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- Low Poly Systems - Low Poly World

LowPolyWorlds preview #1

Low Poly World is a tool/extension for Unity that will enable you to generate low poly meshes in place of your Unity-terrains, and dynamically color them based on parametes such as height and polygon facing.

With highly advanced terrain parameter-based painting, and versatile sizing tools which will allow for high grade of customizability while also remaining simple to use by it's simple interface.

Get the package today, available in the Asset Store

- Preview Video

- Preview Images

LowPolyWorlds Preview3LowPolyWorlds Preview2LowPolyWorlds Preview4


LowPolyWorlds Preview7LowPolyWorlds Preview6LowPolyWorlds Preview5

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