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Article about the engine, current progress, and some incoming documentation.

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The engine has been decided on. The team is going to work with Unity because of the large documentation, support, compatibility, and accessibility the engine offers. We're already hard at work testing the waters into what we can hope to accomplish and timeframes for features. Some design documentation about the multiplayer gameplay will be released within the next few weeks, followed by the story for Unit 23. Exactly what characters will be in Unit 23, and whether characters will be returning like Tex and Brutus, or whether we want to do something completely new is still being discussed. Whatever happens, the core focus of our project is to bring what we felt made Brute Force such a good game into a new updated game engine for the modern audience to enjoy. After all, the game did lack online play, which is a pretty standard feature nowadays. Concept music is still being pumped out to help our art inspiration, so check the videos section often for some sweet tunes!

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