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Post news RSS [Unity 5 puzzle fps game] Pirate Treasure update #5 (New world!)

In this update I added: *world selection, *new world, *tutorial.

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Hello guys and welcome to update 5 of Pirate Treasure!

This update is a kind of special, because you can now choose between multiple worlds.

As you can see in the video, it is just a simple world chooser, but I think it perfectly fits ;)

Also because of that I added a new world!

So the story began with you woke up in the forest, now you walked further and entered a village.

There happens strange things in this village, for example why is the gate closed at the beginning.

What happend to this small village?

Another big update is that there is now a sort of tutorial.

Everytime something new is added you will get a explenation about how it works ;)

So I hope you guys like the update!


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