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The new edition of the best development platform for creating 2D/3D games and interactive experiences.

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Unity brings you awesome new artistic power. Improved efficiency makes the hard work smoother and more fun, and with the industry’s most comprehensive multiplatform support, you can now launch your game on 21 platforms.

The main focus of this update has been consolidating features and overhauling graphics capability.
Keeping with the fashion, Unity now boasts PBR shaders, Real-time Global Illumination, HDR reflections, New Physics, Oculus Rift support and WebGL to name a few.

The Free personal version has all the features that the professional kit includes, with a revenue limit of $100,000. The Pro license now secures you some handy services, including in depth analytics, cloud building and no royalties.

You can read about the full packages on the Unity site.

Its an exciting time to be a game developer with so many amazing companies giving you awesome tools to create the games of your dreams.

Garyn Dakari

Woo! Been waiting for v5 for a while now :D Dropping the free limitations(Like particles and such) is a very welcome surprise.

It's funny, just yesterday, in the wake of UE4 going free, I was wondering aloud if Unity would change their model, and now today they've done it. As far as costs are concerned, this is actually a better deal than Unreal now. One-time payment of $1,500, never any royalties, and only *after* you make your first $100,000? Yes please.

Now I've got two engines on my computer to learn some more then choose between... ooh boy.

Side note: But Valve announced today that the upcoming Source 2 will also be free: Steamdb.info
This competition is glorious.

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TKAzA Author

Source 2 has been out for some time, Dota 2 is built on the new pipeline with the new tools being in public testing since Aug.

Understandable with valves background they would give out the tools to the development community, they have always drawn amazing creative talent.

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Unity 5 is some glorious tech, and like @Garyn says, removes the limitions of previous release. Bring on the lovely lighting :)

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All hail Unity! I do not regret to have chosen this Engine for my game :)

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i agree! =)

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UnrealEngine 4, Unity 5 and Source 2.
This is so much for my tiny heart to endure!

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