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Post news RSS Dev Log 3: Unit list -reorganization- and new core concept?

Looking at your work and other's is eye opening.

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So Hearts of Iron 4 and a dlc came out, i "tested" it during these winter vacations. Pretty good, lots of features wanted by the community, some simplified and better presentation (still heck confusing in the first 10 minutes as all Pdox games). It made me think about my mod, its complex but not appealing, and the lack of 'division builder' mechanics in the hoi2 engine honestly is limiting. Also theres stuff i wanted to have in my mod that was 'included' in hoi4 :)

The unit list was updated:
-removed engineering unit, it was stupid
-renamed semi mechanized to light mechanized, more historical

-new strafer unit, heavy fighter
-renamed cas to dive bomber

-renamed coastal battleship to coastal defense ship
-removed scout cruiser
-renamed large destroyer to destroyer leader
-removed armored cruiser
-removed patrol frigate
-new cutter unit, smaller patrol ships
-renamed supercarrier to heavy carrier, to include ww2 large carriers
-removed helicopter carrier
-new sea control ship unit, a cold war escort carrier
-new flight deck cruiser unit, london treaty us design armed light carrier
-removed dive boat
-new merchant raider unit, converted ships for covert convoy attacks
-removed fleet submarine, merged with attack submarine same design
-renamed transport ship to troop ship

Changes were made to attachments too, maybe ill detail it later its not completely done.

Wish to get some feedback, never really got ppl input :(

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