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The following outlines the upcoming, and first phase, of my unit expansion for Improved Realism.

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Improved Realism has been going for more than a year now. Over this time it's made great progress, not only in driving the level of optional realism that is offered for fellow players, but also in helping to expand the modding capability of the game. From humble beginnings we've jointly expanded the scope of Victory at Sea: Pacific.

I'd like to thank Evil Twin Artworks for their help, patience, and truly impressive desire to make the game as good as possible. Their willingness to not only listen to suggestions but to also build them into the game exemplifies the very best of what small development studios can be. Improved Realism would not be possible without their work to expand modding features or their ready help in resolving bugs and mechanical questions.

I'd also like to thank the community. Namely Kaiviel, Squad, YorkCrescentia, Onewhosaysgoose, and GIGroundNPound for not only helping test the mod when it was small but also lightening the load by supplying data, resources, input, and technical help; especially when it came to getting the models set up in Unity.

Now let us talk about Phase 1 and what it means for Improved Realism moving forward.

Phase 1 will primarily focus both on adding new, High Fidelity, aircraft models as well as replacing stock aircraft models with Hi-Fi models.

Also coming in the Phase 1 release will be fixes for overly strong cargo ships and unbalanced local (small caliber) ship borne AA weapons. Other minor changes will be likely too.

After this, I'll be taking a short break to recover. This portion of the mod has been fairly taxing. Work began in earnest at the end of January and consumed the majority of most every day since. As you may imagine, the monitor is beginning to become one bright blur. lol

After some well earned rest, work will resume to replace the stock ship models as well as adding some additional naval units not currently in-game. The main idea is to round out the late game units, since campaigns can last well into the 1950s. Nothing crazy will be added, so don't worry about paper ships running amuck. ;)

As it stands, Phase 1 will include the following:
Replacement models for:
Aichi B7A2
Aichi D3A
Kawanishi H8K
Mitsubishi A5M4
Mitsubishi A6M2a
Mitsubishi A6M2-N
Mitsubishi A6M5c
Mitsubishi F1M
Mitsubishi G4M
Nakajima B5N
Yokosuka D4Y

Fairey Swordfish
Hawker Hurricane
Short Sunderland

Boeing B-17
Boeing B-29
Consolidated B-24
Consolidated PBY-5
Curtiss SB2C Helldiver
Douglas SBD Dauntless
Douglas TBD Devastator
Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat
Grumman TBF Avenger
Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat
North American B-25
Vought F4U-4
Vought OS2U Kingfisher

New Units or Variants for:
Kawanishi H8K2
Kawanishi N1K1-Ja
Kyushu J7W1
Mitsubishi J2M3 & M5
Mitsubishi A6M3 mod 22
Mitsubishi A7M2
Nakajima G5N1
Nakajima G8N1
Nakajima Ki-43
Nakajima Ki-49 IIb

Bristol Beaufighter Mk X
Bristol Beaufort Mk VIII
De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk VI
Gruman Martlet
Hawker Sea Hurricane
Short Sunderland Mk V
Supermarine Seafire F Mk XVII
Vickers Wellington
Vought Corsair F Mk II

Bell P-39N & Q
Consolidated PB4Y-2
Curtiss P-40E
Douglas BTD-1
Grumman F8F-1
Lockheed P-38G & L
Martin PBM-3
North American PBJ-1J
North American P-51D
Republic P-47D
Vought F4U-4B

Replacements for certain aircraft couldn't be sourced and so they will retain their vanilla models until that can be done or suitable alternatives are employed.

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