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This game may take a lot longer with no real progress than original expected.

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When I began this project I expected to work every chance I got on adding in new mechanics and content, I expected to be able to do what was in my plan relatively painlessly. This however simply isn't possible. I have made a pitfall that many first time developers make, I tried to start a large ambitious project for my first game. I have since beginning production, realized I need to step back and create smaller games that will teach me how to implement all the features I plan for Attrition. This does not mean I won't continue to work on Attrition, it just means there will be greater chunks of time where there won't be any new releases of maps or screenshots or any activity whatsoever. Thank you all for your understanding and support as I continue to work hard on my dreams and aspirations, I will not give up on my project as many new developers do.

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