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A summary of Blam blam Damnation's current state as well as a link to the current tech demo and a description of the plans for the future.

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Unfortunately due to a recent flu and a the introduction of a new puppy to the household, I have been unable to do any work on Blam blam Damnation. I am hoping that by next week the puppy will be a bit more settled and I will be able to continue my work.

For anyone who did not see the link mentioned in the image gallery; the current tech demo for the game engine that I have written for Blam blam Damnation can be found here:
KubA FPS demo on google Play

The tech demo is playable, but not really a full game. Any feedback would REALLY be helpful, eg: are there any weird glitches on your device? What device did you test it on? Does it run smoothly? How did you find the controls?

Please do note that the current engine demo has got some known glitches:

-A very rare application crash can occur due to a typo in the CPU side of the lighting... Will be fixed in the final game... I might even update the tech demo if anyone really wants me to. It's really nothing complicated.

-On most devices the music is not a clean loop... some people might notice a short pause before the music loops over... This is something that is easy to fix on newer versions of Android, but this engine is designed for GingerBread and up so it'll be a bit more complicated... But after reading a few articles, I'm sure that I'll be able to fix this for the Beta of Blam blam Damnation.

Well, with that out of the way I guess I should talk about features and additions for the future...

-There shall be power-ups... a lot of over-the-top power-ups.
- a score board (one for your device and hopefully an online one).
- More monsters.
- either more guns, better looking weapons or just quite a few power-ups for the weapons.
- Pick ups ranging from ammo and power-ups to silly objects that will just give you points, like a “his and hers electric razor kit” or “purple-guy plushy”.
-Game show host and audience commentary (since this is meant to take place on a game show).

And hopefully much more... So in short; though assets from the Kuba tech demo will be used in the final game (if they are not remade or just touched up), the final game will probably be very different by the time the rest of the game play and silly stuff is added.

Oh, and I've recently started reading about the google play API which includes score boards, medals and real time multiplayer... though I have my doubts about the multiplayer (might be hard to incorporate it at this point... or just take to long), but maybe it might pop up as an extra in an update later down the track after the game is released... But I would like to incorporate google play scoreboards and medals... So wish me luck on figuring that out.

I am hoping to release two versions of the game...

A free one which will have less levels and less content, but will contain no advertisements or limits in game play because I still want it to be fun and I hate those big crossed out things with “Buy the full game and stop sucking at life”-esque messages on them.

And a Full version which will contain more of everything and hopefully have a lot more game play length.

Once I release the first version of the free version, I'll just keep adding to it until I feel it is quite solid, then a paid version will pop up... It will have more content, but may pop up before the game is fully complete... this way by purchasing before it is completed; you can help aid myself in development... but until it hits a completed version, the google play page will try and make it very clear that it is not finished (I don't want to mislead anyone), but as the game updates, you'll eventually get the full game... then all the updates I add (maybe just fun extras... Or glitch fixes... I dunno). The full version cost will range between $0.99 to $1.99 (AUS)... but hopefully the free version will still be a lot of fun.

And for anyone interested in the KubA engine (Kalisme's cUbe Based Android Engine) that I've written; I'm sorry, but this version will not be open sourced... It's a bit messy right now since I wrote it to learn Java/Android programming, but after I release this game, I will be writing a new version which will allow for more manageable state machines for any entity added to the game, walls and floors will be able to have slopes to allow for terrains and other nifty details, a more intricate collision system allowing for more interesting level designs and much more.... I am hoping to write it from scratch, hoping to keep the code quite clean and then it would be released as an open source modular Android game engine which will include the map editor I wrote for it (and I guess the C++ code for the editor?) as well as the blender plugins for exporting models in my custom format (which is sort of like a Quake 1 style model format currently). Well... I am hoping to release it once I've rewritten it, but I guess I'll see how it goes.

Thanks for reading, please do check out the tech demo (feedback helps!) and I'll be thankful for any support.

-Kevin “Kalisme” Laherty

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