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More combat mechanics, weapon types, enemy AI, armor and a new BOSS!

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Current Progress

Hey viewers, Underworld Dungeon has been coming along quite nicely these few weeks. I've added new armor, weapon types, enemies, and a BOSS.

Check out the GIFs below!

This is one of the new weapon types I'm planning to add. The battleaxe has a much slower swing speed but it deals a massive amount of damage to enemies and has a larger hitbox than swords.

Here's a legendary weapon in the game called Poseidon's Trident. When activated, the Trident will summon a deadly ring of whirlpool which will rapidly damage any enemy in contact with it.

Lastly, the GIF below shows the new boss that's been added. The Rock Titan is invincible when his eye is closed as the player can ONLY damage its eye. It also spews out a powerful beam of laser that destroys the player quickly if caught in it. Furthermore, the Titan spawns minions that hop towards the player and emit their own mini ring of laser.

Planned Features

I plan to introduce more combat mechanics such as stunning an enemy when the player successfully shields against their attacks and a bleeding effect which will harm the player if the player gets hit without being shielded. This gives more incentive to use the shield in combat and also makes the shield more useful and the overall combat more challenging.

There will also be new stats such as Strength and Dexterity which will determine whether you are able to wield certain weapons like the battleaxe or magic staffs.

Moreover, I plan to add NPCs and settlements scattered throughout the map so the player can trade, enchant and repair their weapons and armor. This will introduce many interesting decisions the player can make such as trading their important weapons for an extremely rare material that can be later used to craft a legendary weapon, or repairing their armor just in time to fight the next boss.

That's it for now. More updates will come soon so if you're interested, follow along to see Underworld Dungeon's progress!

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