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Patch 1.4.0 lets you design and build your own bed blocks and brings other fixes!

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We just released patch 1.4.0 which contains the following changes:

- {ADDED} beds! players can now custom build their own beds in the object designer which act as respawn points. Press 'F' on beds to set respawn point
- {INCREASED} spawn rate of stones on surface in forest biomes, grass biome, jungle biome, savanna biome and tundra biome. Should be easier for beginners now. Don't forget you also get stone while digging dirt and from rocks deeper below the surface.
- {FIXED} (possibly) player spawns below surface and falls into planet. we could not recreate that bug but our fix might do the trick. if not please just report the problem again to us.
- {INCREASED} torch burn duration
- INTERNAL code changes preparing for custom spacecraft/vehicles building for the first major update. Working hard on the "going to space" update.

Here you can see a self designed bed by one of our players (and a torch leaning on it):


2048x1152 2

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