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Enter in pvp mode and play with ur friends in Deathmatch,TeamDeathmatch and MultiTeamDeathmatch modes

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- Rebuilt Game of unity 5
- Improved fps
- Added 3 new PVP mode TDM DM MTDM
- Added 4 new characters for different faction in multiplayer
- Cycle day / night live
- New weapon ScarH
- New set ScarH animations
- New weapon Deagle
- New set Deagle animations
- New weapon Rifle
- New set animations Rifle
- New weapon Grenade
- New set Grenade animations
- New weapon Knife
- New set animations Knife
- New police player
- New set animations police
- New first person arms police
- New player citizen
- New Set citizen animations
- New first person arms citizen
- New player chronos
- New set chronos animations
- New first person arms chronos
- New player chronos_2
- New set chronos_2 animations
- New first person arms chronos_2
- New sounds ScarH
- New sounds Deagle
- New sounds Rifle
- New grenade sounds
- New Knife sounds
- New characters sounds
- Materials and texture reconstructed
- New camera effects
- New Mesh Cartridge Deagle
- New Mesh Cartridge Rifle
- New Mesh Cartridge ScarH
- New game menu
- New multiplayer login system
- Scoreboard at stake for all modes
- Adding new torch of all weapons with light / shadows in real time
- New pickup medikit
- New pickup Deagle charger
- New pickup ScarH
- New pickup ScarH charger
- New pickup Rifle
- New pickup Rifle charger
- New pickup Grenade
- New bloodsplat
- Weapons spread improved
- New enemy fire detection sliders
- Charging Sounds, moving, shooting and real-time death for all players
- New lens effect / refractive light on camera

Many fixes and additional content will come in the new update

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