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Get ready to roll, bounce and unbox your way to victory – 3D Platformer Unbox is coming to Steam on September 7th! Check out our brand new trailer learn about the cardboard craziness!

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Unbox is a retro-inspired physics platformer about rolling cardboard boxes; enjoy an epic single player adventure and grab your friends for four-player fun in local multiplayer races and battles!

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From tropical islands to frozen peaks, filled with collectibles and cardboard characters, Unbox takes you around the world to save GPS, defeat Boss Wild and his miniature minions. Find and complete challenges on each world to earn stamps and, once you have enough, it’s time to take on Boss Wild! Using the power of Unreal Engine 4, the world of Unbox is filled with physics fun: buildings will crumble and boxes will tumble in this explosive adventure!



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Once you’ve saved the world, grab your friends for classic four player fun! Enter the arena to battle your buddies in a range of game modes:

  • Boxing: Shoot fireworks, avoid water!
  • Collect: Grab the most tape, where will it appear next?
  • Thief: Steal coins, ruin friendships!
  • Oddbox: Become the most wanted, avoid the hunters!

Gotta go fast? Try Delivery, a racing game mode where boxes will plummet down perilous routes as they try to reach the finish box first! With 11 diverse Local Multiplayer maps and a fully customisable tournament, prepare for endless cardboard carnage!

MP Race4Player Unbox

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Make sure you dress to impress with a massive range of cardboard customisation! Completing challenges, finding hidden stamps and rescuing innocent boxes from the Wild Cards will unlock a range of cuboid clothes and accessories. From formal wear to fancy dress, there are over 40,000 combinations of hats, clothes accessories and funny faces.

Don’t be a square! Think outside the box and create your very own cool cube!

UNBOX Swifty

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Unbox will be rolling unto PC on September 7th, for all the latest Unbox updates make sure you sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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