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Sing along your favorite songs, use your smartphone as mic, and create the songs you want with UltraStar Play. This open source gem needs your backing on Kickstarter so we can get the best out of the project for you! A shiny new UltraStar experience with most wanted features is now within reach. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

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UltraStar Play is a singing game with boundless possibilities because you can create and add your
own songs.

Back it now on Kickstarter: Kickstarter.com
Website: Ultrastar-play.com
Discord: Discord.gg
YouTube: Youtube.com

Gameplay is similar to SingStar but with custom songs. And it runs on PC and mobile.

Open Source on Kickstarter, why?

It's good for you as a Unity dev AND the game itself.

Development needs time to finish most wanted features and create a proper release on Steam, Google Play, and the Apple App Store. With funding, this could be done in month. Without, it could take years or may never happen.

About the Game
In UltraStar Play you sing along your favorite songs and try to hit notes for points. Feel like a
superstar while you break the highscore! Invite your family and friends to rock the virtual stage

Companion App
Jump right to the fun, without the need to buy additional microphones, thanks to the UltraStar Play Companion App!

companion appWith the Companion App you can use your smartphone as microphone and browse the song list while others are still singing. A nice booster for the game flow.

Of course other mics can also be used, for example from headsets or USB microphones.

Song Editor
UltraStar Play itself does not include any songs!

Instead, it enables you to create a sing-along version of songs by yourself! Therefor, it builds on an established, simple, and open song format. Use the integrated song editor to create what you want.


Hey, I remember UltraStar Deluxe
UltraStar Play follows in the footsteps of previous UltraStar games. It keeps the fun game play but
implemented on top of modern tools. This allows the game to evolve faster and build it not only for
desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) but also for mobile devices (Android, iOS).
UltraStar Play is an evolution, building on the widespread song format of its predecessors.

Current Features
• Open Song Format: UltraStar Play supports a widespread and open song format. Create
and change songs as you please.
• Song Editor: The integrated song editor lets you create a sing-along version of any song
you like.
• Demo Songs: UltraStar Play itself does not include any songs due to copyright issues.
However, there is a song package under Creative Commons license that can be downloaded
in game.
• Companion App: Use your smartphone as mic or browse the song list with the UltraStar
Play Companion App.
• Solos, Duets, Groups: Sing a duet where each player has different lyrics and notes. Or
throw a party and sing with up to 16 players at the same time.
• Playlists & Favorites: Handle large song collections by marking songs as favorites, adding
playlists, or searching for songs by language, year, artist, etc.
• Entertained Audience: Each song can have a background video or image. A delight for
both, the audience and the singers.
• Score Modes: A cooperative score mode emphasizes SINGING TOGETHER with your
loved ones. You can also turn off scores and ratings completely.
• Controller Support: No need to hang around your keyboard. Just use your gamepad to
control UltraStar Play.

Planned Features on Kickstarter
• Party Modes: Play multiple rounds in teams or free-for-all with fun modifiers to the regular
• Smartphone Control: Better event management by configuring players, microphones and
following songs using the Companion App while others are still playing.
• Medleys: Select multiple songs to sing a shortened mix of these.
• Online Multiplayer: Play together over the internet. Note that due to copyright issues, only
songs will be eligible that are available locally on each player’s device.

Open Source Solutions for Unity

An investment in UltraStar Play is also an investment in open source solutions for the Unity game engine.

So far, the development of UltraStar Play has led to libraries for translation, dependency injection, scene change animation, and a simple HTTP server library for Unity.

But there are even more interesting parts of UltraStar Play that could be turned into reusable libraries, for example the automatic smartphone connection when in the same local area network, real-time microphone recording and playback, or Material Design and Bootstrap Icons for UIToolkit.

Plus, you can learn by example on this project. For example, a successful Kickstarter will lead to a demo how online multiplayer can be implemented.

Or use ultrastar-play.com as a template for your game.
The website is a NextJS app with a professional Bootstrap theme, internationalization (i18n), static site generation (SSG), and React and TypeScript integration.


In conclusion, UltraStar Play is a fun party game with huge potential.
Furthermore, it is a source of useful libraries for the Unity game engine.

Back the project now on Kickstarter.
Website: Ultrastar-play.com
Discord: Discord.gg
YouTube: Youtube.com

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