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Not the most exciting update, but you will find out where I have been for the past few months, what I have been doing, and see how the new UI works.

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It has been several months since I last posted on here but quite a lot has happened. First, I have hired artists. This means no more having to look at my basic 3D models. Their art will be integrated into the game over the next several months and that should make a big difference to the game. I am also going trying to put the game on Steam Greenlight by around mid-December time.

Since my last update, I haven’t worked much on the gameplay as the artists were creating the art. Therefore, I decided to focus on one of the dreadful aspects of game development: the UI. In that time, I have implemented all of my UI functionality and included all the features I wanted (screen resolution settings, rebindable keys, graphic settings, etc.). The design of the UI definitely is not final, but it works and looks much better than before.

You can see some of the new UI below:

ui menu

ui level select menu

ui graphics menu

ui controls menu

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