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Version 0.09.0 Io Moth: New Batch Functions, Upgraded Particles, New Camera Effects... Lots of Awesome!

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We have produced the most amazing version of UemeU yet.
 photo IoMoth25_zps0c53cd76.jpg
It has new batch functions that allow you to perform an action on all selected objects, so it's fast and easy to make big changes to your UemeU world. We have also upgraded the textures of the elements we call particles, to make blowing things up more fun than ever.

The camera views are now really gorgeous, as we added such essential things like anti-aliasing bloom and depth of field.

With the new incarnation of the well-received Play Mode we have introduced new interactions, like Trigger Gadget, to allow your Ueman avatar to trigger set actions - for example, button presses now actually do something!

We have also added tons of great new features, fixed a couple of bugs; upgraded in-game chat, introduced new loading splash screen...

You can watch the video showcasing these improvements here.

This week we expect to finish the next major version of the game and will release a few awesome videos that will cover the most exciting features in great detail.

Stay tuned for more!

Want to check out UemeU for yourself? Pre-register at UemeU.com to be among the first to get your hands on an alpha-release copy!

Thanks for reading!

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