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Take a sneak peak at the new character customization station and newly improved environments and visuals.

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Quick Update.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the very late update but I can ensure you I have been busy working on the game.

I have been working with Tyler, Martyn and more recently Cody Bye ( Former president of the ZAM Network) to ensure that everything is reaching the standard that players expect from Tyler: Model 001.

We have also recently changed the name of this project from ECO to Tyler: Model 005. This was done to stop any confusion with this project and Eco, the global survival game.

This was done to stop any confusion with this project and Eco, the global survival game.

New Character Customization Station.

The character customization has changed and all found items will appear at the time portal.
When entering the time portal you will now be given two options to either travel through time or enter the customization station.

Character parts are scattered throughout Tyler's world and there will be around ten items in each room for you to find.

Below is a small preview of the customization station.

More To Explore.

During this development period, I have focused a lot on making sure there is a lot to explore and in doing so I have expanded the detail of the environments, giving a fun but very rundown look to the house.

All this extra detail has had minimal impact on performance so it will not change the minimum system requirements.

Thanks to Tyler Durham you will no longer be in silence without the radio on with the newly added ambient track.

Climb Almost Anything.

Since the last article, I have also focused a lot on the climbing in the game and have made almost everything climbable to make getting to places seamless.

Also, to make this smoother, I have added a free climb so as long as you are in overdrive with the shift key, Tyler will automatically detect climbable objects and scale them.

Crush Your Enemies.

The ability to crush enemies with objects you pick up from the word has been added but bear in mind that some of them are breakable so don't make to much of a mess.

New enemies screech and hiss so you know as soon as they die.

Battery Acid Levels.

A metal robot taking damage from insects would be silly so battery acid levels have been added. When your power core takes damage it will drip out battery acid.

Don't panic you can replenish your battery levels by finding batteries throughout the world and finding a battery will replace all of your battery acid and also charge your battery to full.

As alway all comments are welcome and I will get back to any questions as soon as I can.


Reversed Interactive team.


Looking great - excited about the changes and happy to be helping!

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