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Progress on the server, characters and GUI work. Server side physics with server controlled npcs are now implemented.

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Lots of progress I forgot to post about. Lets see, With the huge server redesign, I now have server side physics working along with npcs controlled on the server instead of my hybrid peer to peer controlled npcs. Now, the server is fully authoritative that does most of the world simulation will the client handles input and rendering.

All the redesigns has slowed progress and updates but now that everything is more or less working again, I think an update will come out in a week or two so you guys can test it out. For now, I am going to leave the server down and will turn it back on with the update

Recently, I integrated the new Unity Multipurpose Avatar for characters and customization and it is going great. More deals about UMA can be found here. It allows easy equipment swapping compared to what I was trying before, making it a great tool. I have yet to integrate any Keidran models yet but I am working on them.

I am also, working on improving the GUI's style. I am using a new system and I like the results.

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