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I know I said update every two weeks, but lets forget about that right now xD

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--The new powerups--

Two new powerups enter the battle of balls and paddles :D
..You get what I mean.

I actually had these powerups implemented for quite a while, but they didnt really seem to get along with repong's old engine. Lots of pointers here and there, things popping up where they shouldnt, so I scrapped them for later.

The name of these powerups are bound to change throughout development.
Right now it doesnt matter what they are called :D
First powerup is "Rebound Shield"


Acts like a ball repellent :D
Any ball entities that are within the range of the shield will be thrown back in the opposite direction.
Or you can move up and down some to give it some spin xD Much more exciting in game than a plain image. That I promise.

Second powerup "Lights Out"

Worst powerup ever. Honestly, I ended up hating this one so bad xD For those wondering if a player using a mouse is going to be able to cheat due to the cursor being visible, worry not. That has been solved D; The cursor is made invisible during this powerup :D Its harder to hit the ball if you are using a mouse anyways xD AI's ball detection range will be reduced when this powerup gets activated. This is to make things fair to the players, since AI's could easly track the ball even in this condition.

--Networking and profile system--

The profile system has been remade. Everything is internal, so you cant really notice the change.
This is because Im currently trying to add the network feature to repong. Profiles have to have unique ID's and be more dynamic. If a player joins your game and has the same name as you, there will be internal problems. No worries, this doesnt mean you wont be able to play with someone that has the same name as you. All will be solved soon enough.

Look forward to the next update :D
Repong is close to a first release!

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