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The Subject is receiving a large patch this coming Tuesday (May 7th) that will include Twitch integration, new content, lore, and more!

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I am about to release a rather large update to The Subject! The most notable addition to the game will be the twitch integration.

Players will be able to connected the game directly to their twitch chat. The game will then generate polls over time. The viewers vote and whatever they vote for happens to the player in game!

Along with the twitch integration, I created a few new mechanics that add a handful of content to the maze itself. I also included a new navigation help system that shouldn't be too intrusive and still help players who become lost.

This is one that a few of you have asked for but it ended up being far more enjoyable than I expected! Now you can choose to play the game without the monster and not have to worry about that added stress. Casual mode also works with twitch integration.

One thing I didn't get to do a deep dive on was the story of The Subject. While I couldn't do tons to really push the story further, I added a new mechanic that helps give a look into the universe of the subject and what exactly is happening at the Kohate complex.

Keep an eye out for the update coming on the 7th and be sure to grab a copy of The Subject or wish list it for when the patch goes live!


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