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We've added a lot to the new update for the game... now you can play with a friend and on a phone!

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Twisted Mirror 1.1.0 ~ Local Versus and Mobile Support
The fabled 1.1.0 update is here, with a requested feature of Multiplayer, mobile support, and more levels! Let's take a look at everything!


Local Multiplayer Versus

It's here! When you select Multiplayer Versus from the Title Screen, you can play with a friend in a race to defeat each level! Whoever gets to the end first gains two points, and if a player dies then the other player gets a point. There's also an option of skipping levels with death to make a very fast battle! Grab a friend, and see who is the best!

Mobile Support

Android users, you will be able to play the full game on Mobile after the 1.1.1 patch! The release will be later this week, but know that it won't be very long from now and will be in Google Play! In addition, the HTML port also has these mobile support so that anybody can play the game in their web browser, whether it's a phone or a computer! This has already been rolled out!

Enemy Revamp

The enemy design has been completely changed, along with the enemy AI! The enemy now moves independently, and can also move up and down, so beware! The new look of each enemy not only matches both the game style more than the original, but also has a more visible hitbox, so it is easier to avoid touching the corner of the enemy by and dying!

New Levels

New levels have been added into the game! There are now Levels 11-15, and since Level 10 has also been completely revamped to work well with the new enemies for a grand total of 6 new levels!

Official Trailer

Along with the new update, an official trailer has been released for the game! You can watch it here or on Youtube!


For more updates and news, you can visit our news site at news.garenburg.com or the official Garenburg subreddit!



  • Added Local Versus Mode to Windows and HTML Versions! Battle a friend and find who is the fastest at clearing a level!
  • The Mobile Version is almost done for Android! Once it is verified by Google, it will be available in the Play Store. It can also be downloaded as an APK from this site!
  • Added Levels 11-15
  • Added Touchscreen Support for the HTML Version, allowing the game to be played on phones
  • Redesigned the Enemy greatly, with a new sprite and AI
  • Completely redesigned Level 10 to work with the new enemy AI
  • Fixed bugs that make No Mistakes Mode loop the second level infinitely
  • Added a debug key with F5 to bring up some scene variables

Very unusual gameplay. I need a second pair of eyes! Cool :D

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