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A short dev update to show that the project is still going strong :) Topics: Sound, AI, Concept Art.

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Twisted Dev Update


I finally got around to adding sounds, music and background noise to the game. It always amazes me how much of an influence sound has on the feel of a game.

Another point thats been added is more intelligent AI. The mobs don't just attack you when you are in a certain radius, they now have simple sight and a nice wander and patrol behaviour.
The "more intelligent" should still be taken with a grain of salt because they are still extremely stupid. They will forget about you pretty quickly once you are out of their sight but do not underestimate them, they will hurt you! The main point is that the ground work has been layed for more engaging AI behaviour with the integration of Rival Theories RAIN AI. So you have been warned, some of the AI plans do include some nasty surprises. :)

Related ideas
The skills that the Mobs use in combat are all skills that the player can use as well. The idea is that any mob you kill has the possibility to drop one of the skills they used. So fighting a hard opponent that uses a skill that you fear can lead to you gaining that skill and becoming something to fear. The dropping of the skills and their drop rate is not implemented yet but the skills the mobs currently use are all available to the player.

The first concept art has been done for one of the main story characters. Enjoy! :)


[AI] - Rival Theory - Rivaltheory.com
[Concept Art] - Marius Andrei - Mariusandrei.wordpress.com
Original Blog Post - Twisted-guardian.com

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