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Currently the tutorial section in the game is not done (controls are) but this is a quick insite to what everything is ingame and what it does.

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Blocks: Most Blocks in-game will not harm you ,but they may hinder or annoy you very few will help you for example falling blocks are useful for 0.1 seconds after touching them , great right?

Examples of blocks:

Speed-ups = all directions of push can be annoying if placed in a weird place

Relative speed-ups = these are normally good and give you a nice reach to the high place you cant get to.

Talking blocks = the most help you will get from in-game these blocks can sometimes be sarcastic, but overall a good think pitty they go after level 10.

Teleport blocks: these guys are great most of the time , pretty obvious what they do.

Particles: particles are a great feature in the game and will either help you or annoy you. Colliding with them makes you do good or bad things.

Examples of particles:

green particle: This particle is a life saver and if you learn anything out of this, please take away with you that

Blue particle: The blue particle will make you 2x the size

Brown particle: this one is the opposite of the green particle it will take you jumps ,avoid at all cost

Purple particle: this particle will make you 1/2 the size and is good for small gaps

Pink particle:this will return you to your original size.


The dangers in Final Exit are unlimited and will always make you rage 99% of the time.

List of dangers:

Spikes:Do i really need to explain ?

Water:Water will kill you how awesome is that

Astro-orbs:These guys come in 2 versions fast and slow, but both kill.

Warpers: These guys will cause you havoc, these guys create the own enemy's ,Yeah i know right Crazy.

Turrets:(Aim,Shoot,Kill) That's there target make sure your not it

Ect: There are so many to list it would go on for ages so i decided to just give an incite on a few.

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