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The Tutorial is done and now I reveal plans for original mode.

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I will finish the Tutorial Mode today, while it has taken 6 weeks instead of 4 I am happy with it so far. I haven't been working on it every day which is why it took a while. In the mean time I have fixed several bugs and mainly been testing things that I can think of that would go wrong. I have a sample project which I first made in vx ace so ive been messing with that too.

Now that the Tutorial mode is done the next mode to do is "Original Mode". This will be a complete remake of the first game (based on the 2002 video games beta script) that I released in 2010. I quite like the story of Blake and I rushed the first game a bit too much. The story will be similar to that of the first game I made but I will be extra levels. It will have all the updated game mechanics, the new weapons, enemies, crafting system and the new unit types (Scientist, Captain, Scout etc). I will be expanding on the previous level design so I will make the levels bigger and give you more to play, explore and survive through. I estimate 6 to 8 weeks for this mode, maybe less. It is fairly easy considering it follows a linear level based story. The hardest challenge is building in the marathon option which will allow the player to carry over exp and surviving party members from the first story to the second story; Especially after that Whitley boss battle when your crews a little worse for wear. You don't have to play the first story to enjoy the second though its just a totally optional feature.

After that is done then comes the main game mode. The main story which I have put so many ideas onto paper for. Its a little hard trying to take a world that already exists but make it your own. That mode may take a while but will also tie into making Survival Mode easy to build later on. After Survival I am pretty much done really, just a few things here and there like graphics and cheats then that's it. Extra content mode will also have its base built in at this stage but I am still unsure of how to go about releasing new levels for that.

Oh and the game stands at 60% completion now. The engine is 99.9% running (There are 2 crafty bugs I cant seem to weed out) and a few graphics to do. Other than that its just a case of building in the actual game play modes. Think i'm still on track for an October release.

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