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Post news RSS Turnover: Beta Branch Open, Beta Build v1.0.685 Available

Turnover's beta branch on Steam is now open to the public. The first update includes a few new features and bug fixes.

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Turnover’s beta branch is now open and has the first beta build up. This build includes bug fixes and a couple of features that didn’t make it in time for release.

You can check out the beta announcement on Steam here: Steamcommunity.com

The beta discussion thread is here: Steamcommunity.com

Alert Effect

Alert Desaturation Effect

A stylistic desaturation has been added when Sentinels and Sergeants are alerted. This was something that didn’t make it in time for release. The goal is to better inform the player of enemy alert status, as well as (hopefully) add to the tension.

Binds/Controller Improvements

Access to the binds screen has been moved to the Options menu, just to keep all the options coalesced. Also, you can now access your binds from the pause screen. Since the game is challenging, I wanted to put this in so you don’t have to quit in the middle of a level if you wanted to change or check your binds.

In addition, the binds screen has a new option: aim sensitivity. This modifies aim speed when using a controller. I honestly can’t believe I missed implementing this before release. I want to make sure it’s one of the first things added post release.

How did the launch go?

The launch has gone well so far. Reviews for Turnover are good so far and I am happy with the response. It is early, so I’m waiting to hear more in general. I’m keeping an eye on things!

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