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Ok! So we’re building a turn-based FPS inside of a time loop. But what does that mean?

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Ok! So we’re building a turn-based FPS inside of a time loop. But what does that mean? Every Lemnis Gate match is set inside of a 25-second time loop. Players take turns adding one character at a time into the loop. This means that at the beginning of each match, the map will be empty.

Gif overlooking empty map on Lemnis Gate Before match starts.

To start, you choose a character and spawn into the map. Each character can only be played once, making your selections a crucial component of your strategy. You then get 25 seconds to achieve your objective before the time loops. Objectives vary depending on the game mode.

Gif of first player selecting a character and shooting objectives for 25 seconds.

Your character will now replicate its actions over and over, round after round. Every move performed during your turn will be repeated until the end of the match.

Once you've played your turn, your opponent will now attempt to counteract your move by spawning his character into the 25 second time loop.

In between turns, players have access to the spectator mode. This feature allows both players to see the state of the time loop and use that information to plan their next move. Anticipating your opponent's actions is an integral part of a successful strategy.

As your second round starts, your newly spawned character will fight side by side with your previous character. Characters from the past, present, and future share the same battlefield.

Both players keep adding characters into the time loop until the end of the last round (5 characters each). Whoever achieves their objectives at the end of the last round is crowned victorious! Don't forget, only the final score at the end of the game matters.

Now that you understand how to play Lemnis Gate, be sure to stay in the loop by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or simply chat with us on Discord. Better yet, you can Wishlist Lemnis Gate on Steam!

Bruno Capozzi Goldstein

Community Developer


This is a really interesting idea! Tracking.

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BrunoCG Author

Thank you for your support! Be sure to follow us on social media to stay in the loop about what we are working on!

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A very interesting concept, but one I'm having trouble wrapping my head around. Is there like a trailer showing this concept in action?

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BrunoCG Author

Not yet but soon!

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