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Studio DEEM Engine is proud to present the final release of our game, TURBONEON.

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Studio DEEM Engine is proud to present the final release of TURBONEON. In this final release, we’ve made some changes to the look and feel of the game to bring it more in line with our intentions.

Many of our changes were motivated by playtesting feedback. In order to make the player feel much more interaction with the other human racers, we introduced features like color coordinating player indicators to their ship color, and introducing nicknames for the different ships. Other changes are just bugfixes to polish the final iteration of the game, to polish out kinks. We resolved a bug where during the tutorial, the dummy ship that you use to learn the tethering mechanic could also tether onto you. We also resolved the issue where the pause menu used the horizontal axis of the left joystick instead of the vertical axis.

We made a few additional changes to improve the juiciness of our game. When you tether off of players, or get tethered by other players, the FOV increase/decrease is much more exaggerated and makes the player interaction feel much more visceral. Additionally, we increased the usage of controller rumble in the game - we found that adding physical feedback to tethering and boosting improved the gameplay experience.

There are no further iterations planned for TURBONEON, but it will surely live on through this IndieDB page, the trailer we created, and in the hearts of you, dear reader. Now go! And let the legend come to life.

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