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Life Goes On is a puzzle platformer where you control a series of bumbling knights and must sacrifice them one by one to progress. A new playable demo is now available.

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We have released a new demo with changes that focus on the controls and jumping mechanics. We are working on getting the feel of the controls right, and we appreciate all of the feedback that we get. You can check out the demo for Windows, Mac and Linux here on IndieDB.

June Demo Screen Shots
June Demo Screen Shots


  • New character control responses and extensively reworked jump physics.
  • Doors and moving platforms can now crush knights.
  • Code preventing knights from getting caught up on bodies was improved.
  • Camera and level geometry in level 6 were tweaked to improve puzzle clarity.

Bug fixes:

  • Rapidly hitting space during the fade in at the start of the game no longer causes the game to display partially faded out.
  • Linux now build starts windowed, and keyboard input support has been added to the ToS screen, in an effort to address a mouse input bug under liunx.
  • Windows installer will now successfully install a new version overtop of a previously installed copy of the game.

In addition to releasing a new demo, June has been a big month for Life Goes On. We released our first trailer, which had over 12,000 views in it's first week on youtube. This lead to some press coverage, including articles from Indie Statick and Rock Paper Shotgun. We've also seen some great Let's Play videos on youtube, including this hilarious one from VGlauren, as well as from some bigger channels such as PauseUnpause.


I love it :D

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