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What is TRP? What does TRP offer to you? What does TRP NOT offer?

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What is TRP?

TRP stands for 'Total Realism Project' and describes the maxim of one of the oldest, biggest and most widely known modifications of the Hearts of Iron series. Its development started back at times of Hearts of Iron 1 and continued with Hearts of Iron 2 and its expansions Doomsday und Armageddon. New versions were published, new team members came and old ones left, but the idea itself stayed alive: TRP aims to give the player a more historic experience and deliver historically challenging campaigns to him in both singleplayer and multiplayer mode.

What does TRP offer to you?

TRP isn't just another DH extension. After more than ten years of independent development, it contains

  • a complex event structure
  • its own AI (relying on just a minimum of unit or resource bonuses)
  • a completely reworked techtree
  • new countries of historic relevance
  • elite units
  • an optimised combat engine

and lots of adjusted parameters to picture World War 2 in the most authentic and enjoyable way.

You have never been stopped cold due to the lack of oil when your german armies tried to conquer Russia or been worried about a never ending stream of Red Armists? You have never run into difficulties when you played Japan against an USA AI? You have never been worried about a german AI steamrolling your french defence lines? Try TRP!

Moreover, TRP offers to you:

  • Upgradable battleships and battlecruisers
  • Nation-specific ships for Germany and Japan
  • Several new unit types (Coastal Submarines, Large Destroyers, Long Range Fighters, Light Infantry)
  • A unique set of unit icons, model names, model pictures, tech teams, leader files,...

What does TRP NOT offer?

We are no wizards (but it's on the roadmap for version 9.0 ;-) ). An experienced player CAN AND WILL always beat the AI. The TRP AI is no exception from that. It won't be easy to win, but if you're looking for more extreme challenges, you'll have to chose another mod.
Moreover, we're just a small team of devoted amateurs and we won't be able to cover all possible ideas and approaches. We're focusing on a detailled reproduction of World War 2 challenges. Alternate and post-WW2 history take much time for implementation and testing, so there's only a limited amount of this content in TRP.

Please also note that TRP focuses on the main nations of WW2 (i.e. GER, SOV, JAP, ENG, USA, FRA and ITA) and the largest minor nations (i.e. CAN, AST, HUN, ROM). Of course you may also select any other country to play with, but you won't encounter many events that way and you might also run into balancing issues.

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