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Introducing characters in Troubleshooter. Let's meet an attractive but dangerous(?) troubleshooters!

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Hello everyone, this is Dandylion.

This time, I want to introduce characters in our game.

There are many troubleshooters in Valhalla city. Each of them has his or her unique trouble solution method.

But in this article, Let's focus on femme fatale(really?) troubleshooter!

Why not homme fatale? Just hold on. They are waiting for their turn. You know, Our Troubleshooter is turn-based game. :)

Here they are.

6 female shooter

They have one's own story.

Why she starts hunting a wanted?

Why she came to Valhalla city?

etc ...

I'll tell you each one's detailed story and profile in later article( I promise!). Before that, Let's see her simple profile!

Name: Anne
Age: 13

cha 01 ann 1

Name: Giselle
Age: 26

cha 03 giselle

Name: Irene
Age: 17

cha 04 Irene

Name: Kylie
Age: 26

cha 05 kylie

Name: Vianca
Age: 18

cha 02 blanca 1

Name: Alisa
Age: 22


Will she join your journey? Will she fall in love with you? Will she hate you? Will she...?

It's all on you.




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