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First development update after Trigger Time had been greenlit. Steam integration, art update and more...

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So, a month passed since Trigger Time had been greenlit and it looks like a good time to write a development update now! Here goes.

What's new:

  • Steam integration
  • Art update
  • Bugfixes

Steam integration

Perhaps the most important change of all. Once the game got greenlit Steamworks API became available and I started implementing Steam integration right away. First, Steam overlay:

That was the simplest one, because it just works out-of-the-box when you initialize Steamworks API from your game. Next thing I did was Steam cloud support, it actually was even simpler, since it only required some tweaks in Steamworks admin panel:

And the most important thing - Steam achievements:

The game has 24 achievements, some of them are "progress" achievements, i.e. "X done, Y more to go". One thing that's still missing in achievements is proper icons, for now, they're all just my logo colored and grayed :)

Also, I must say I did spent some time trying to make achievements work in Steam offline mode, because it's not trivial and Steamworks API example doesn't show you how to do this right. It's not that hard, but there's a possibility that you can loose your progress when you're playing in offline mode, this has to be dealt with in code properly.

Art update

This is also super important. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, art was one of the biggest pain points in the whole project, but now things are changing. Until now the game contained some art ripoffs, that was a temporary measure that I had to take. I'm glad to announce that all such art had been replaced, so here you go :)

1. "warder" enemy

2. "orbo" enemy

3. "beetle" enemy

4. "homer" enemy

5. mech

6. "gorger" mini-boss

7. "keeper" mini-boss

8. professor Nathan

Note that the game still contains some open-source based art that I want to change, so stay tuned for further updates!


Also, I found and fixed a few bugs, nothing big, really.

Bullet trails sometimes disappear when running on linux with intel GPUs

After another Ubuntu update (and mesa update to 11.0.4) I noticed that bullet trails can sometimes disappear when I run the game on my intel GPU. It turned out to be some bug in mesa with miplevels. If a texture height is too small it didn't generate correct mipmaps for level > 1, it just generated empty texture. I fixed it by simply making bullet trail texture bigger.

Total number of gems collected appear wrong in level completion screen

In level completion screen there was a mismatch between the number of gems you've collected and the number of gems available for shopping. That happened because once the level is completed we update player's amount of gems with the number that he collected during the level, but we forget to reset that number to 0 in player's component, that's now fixed.

So, that's it for this update, hope you liked it. Right now I mostly focused on art update and sound/music updates will be coming soon, so stay tuned!


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