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I have included a few nice additions to this patch. New items, new enemies and a fourth level with a boss fight!

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Trigger Saint 1.03 Updates

-I changed Trigger Saints design a tad and tweaked his animations.He now has a split in his visor.His angle is more apparent.-Started working on the skill screen artwork.
-Omega Blades now have their own particles.
-Removed shadows from spirit mines.
-Spirit Mines will now circle the player, this seems much more useful as before they just flew about. Summoning up a few of these before a fight can protect you from those enemies that get too close. These work great when combined with the battle shield.
-I have changed all of the transmute amounts to better balance the game.-Most minor items now transmute for 10-25 skill points, Mods 50-100.
-Transmute amounts are now shown in item descriptions.
-You no longer need to be on top of an item to pick it up.Masks and distances modified.
-Added 4th level with boss battle! Give it a run!
-added new item "Spirit Stone" add 10 to your max spirit while in your inventory.
-Start button sound.
-Many other minor changes.
-Added two new items, the "Vitality Stone" and the "Old Scope"
-"Vitality Stone" raises your max health by 10 while in your inventory.
-"Old Scope" raises your attack by 5 while in your inventory.
-Added three new songs. -Re-opened level 3-The Omega Blade mod is now available,send sharp spinning blades towards your enemies! Available on level 3
-More AI tweaks.
-Added level 2 scouts (Blue), much faster than their red cousins and harder to kill.
-Small changes to levels 1 and 2.
-Added new particle effects.-Updated title screen.
-As requested arrow keys can now be used to move, the 1-3 keys on the num pad can now be used for inventory slots 1-3 (Only if "Num Lock" is activated).
-I still recommend using WASD as they are closer to the "T","R" and "F" keys.-Mouse icon no longer disappears on game restart.-Levels one and two have been tweaked.
-AI has been tweaked.

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