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Users wants blood and gore but store fronts dont like it that much.

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Pixelstein is a old project now and a small experiement that growed during its 2 years of development.

The ai is dumb and made it that way to be simplier on mobiles but maybe its time to upgrade the ai with proper pathfinding?

But its a tricky part because its supposed to be a casual shump fps mashup.

To smart ai could take away some of the fun bits.

One of the biggest problems i have also is to have a level of blood and gore that google play accepts and many countries.

Some countries have a complete bann of games that show anything red on the screen but pc users wants splatt and gore.

My simple solution to this where to use a simple compile flag at the start of the code to change blood color for builds on mobiles on and off.

I already have compile flags for html5,pc,android and demo versions when i compile.

My game engine is built from the ground up with the agk framework that works great for me.

The basic bits and easy to use.

I hope all you gamers like the new gore and splatt system in pixelstein.

Taking a week off now with all game coding to get some energi back.

Cheers the p8b team.

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