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Along with this month's update, we are also launching onto Steam Greenlight and would appreciate votes!

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Along with this month's update, we are also launching onto Steam Greenlight and would appreciate votes! Spread the word! Here's the Greenlight Trailer:

I've been spending a lot of my time working on promotional materials for Greenlight and polishing the user experience this month. This includes adding keyboard shortcuts for certain UI elements, which actually helped me to make a better trailer since I could hide the UI but still interact with the game. There's no interface yet for changing the shortcut keys, but they can be modified via the xml files.

20160224 TribeFull (Medium)

Some game functions have also been moved around to be more intuitive. For example, the crafting menu can now be accessed from the side UI menu, rather than from the Task button at the top UI menu. To me this makes more sense, since all the other assignments/building construction are made from the side menu.

20160202 CraftUISideMenu

The Stone Henge monument has also been completed, and you can now build it in-game from the various pieces. There's still a display issue where the pieces overlap incorrectly if built in the wrong order and it looks a bit funny. It doesn't affect gameplay, but it's one of those things that keeps me up at night.

20160202 StoneHenge

Tribal tattoos have also been improved. The placeholder images are replaced with about 30 different characters from the Vinca Symbols. The Vinca Symbols are a set of symbols that were found in Europe, believed to be from the Neolithic Era. I thought they looked pretty cool and would make good symbols to stick on Pokian's chests. You can also adjust the colour of your symbol separately from the colour of your tribe members!

20160202 TattoosDifferent

Here's the full change list for Alpha 14:


  • Move timeline from tribe panel to win page
  • Improved colour selection for tribe members
  • Added functionality for resource regeneration
  • Added crusty lichen and green moss to Tundra biome
  • Include time taken for extract/gather in tooltip
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for side menu
  • Added filter on craft panel for only showing objects we have materials available
  • Add base animal spawning rate to xml to biomes
  • Add hide/show UI functionality into keyMap
  • Side menu shortcut keys can be modified in xml
  • Allow access of crafting panel from side menu
  • Added Stone Henge alternate images
  • Tattoo colours are now adjustable
  • Added about 30 tattoos to list
  • Added separate cooldown functionality between weapons and fistycuffs


  • Changed Bunch type objects to Grass type
  • Changed some object crafting requirements from Grass Bunch to Any Grass
  • Foreign tribe relations are influenced by hue instead of rgb colours
  • Changed available map sizes on world generation page to be more sensible
  • Rebalanced all relation and discovery modifiers
  • Rebalanced tundra resource spawning
  • Axe, bow and spear cooldown time increased from 20 to 30


  • Modified tribe panel display to be more informative for each tribe member
  • Fixed two objects of same type but different category not being used correctly
  • Fixed craft tasks being assigned on top of existing buildings
  • Fixed multiple craft tasks on same workshop hex
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts working while textbox is active
  • Fixed combat music not looping when in combat mode
  • Fixed combat mode selection not registering humans correctly
  • Fixed super lag in combat mode when sending Pokians to unnavigable position
  • Fixed diplomacy panel ??? colour changing when switching from known tribe to unknown tribe
  • Fixed misaligned saved game page when too many save games
  • Fixed deer not fleeing when attacked
  • Fixed cooking meat on fire poles when no camp fire available
  • Fixed unable to assign fire task when no material available
  • Fixed rare crashing bug when assigning tasks while game was not paused
  • Fixed cloud effects using wrong image when game loaded
  • Optimised building layer drawing
  • Fixed godray movement for main page
  • Updated tutorial for Crafting
  • Fixed assigning stockpile from stock panel not selecting side menu properly
  • Fixed ticking/unticking query panel filter not sticking between panel changes
  • Fixed sand texture red border sometimes appearing when scrolling map
  • Fix gather time in tooltip not displaying properly
  • Fixed crashing notifications when moving to the front
  • Fixed discrepency between diplomacy panel relations display and actual value changes
  • Fixed occasional crashing bug when loading game with weapon in another object
  • Fixed scrolling crash when applying filter on second page

Steam Greenlight - Vote for this game
Twitter - ParsleyPWG
Website - PokingWaterGames.com

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