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Trendpoker3D Community Edition Greenlight Launch

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Hey guys,

we just launched our Greenlight campaign today: Steamcommunity.com

Trendpoker3D is a realistic poker simulation for PC. It features a variety of singleplayser modes as wella as multiplayer possibilites.

Aiming at both professional and beginner poker players , the game offers:

  • a competitive online community
  • an offline single player mode with a powerful and adjustable A.I.
  • a beginner mode with tips while you are playing to get you started
  • an explanatory and animated tutorial to the technics and game mechanics of poker
  • realistic and up to date 3D graphics as well as card animations

Like the name says, this poker game is about community: Setting up a game with friends or joining a big number of online players from all over the world, via internet as well as LAN. A chatroombefore and during the game lets you get the best experience with up to 8 players in one game!

Improve your skills and win against a powerful A.I, which is based on neural networks! Choose between "Rookie, Normal and Professional" to keep it challenging! Pure Singeplayer-Mode,Singeplayer-Tournament and Singleplayer-Heads-Up-Mode let's you train and optimize your poker game, whenever you want!

Additional Features

  • Heads-Up-Tournament mode: With up to 160 players
  • All limit types: No Limit, Pot Limit and Split Limit
  • Environment configurable: 10 different tables and environments available
  • Chips and card design configurable: Euro or Dollar chips or Euro Coins

About us
We are BufoProject, a german indie dev-team, exclusively focused on card games. Since several years we are developing the successful Royal Club and Silver Generation Card Game Series. Until now publishing traditionally in retail, we are now going the first time for Steam. We are always open to feedback and suggestions to improve our games. Thank you for the support!


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