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I thought my game trailer was really good. But then I asked people about it...

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Marketing stuff. It turns out that puzzle game players are super-focused on the mechanics of gameplay. My current trailer for The Godkiller, is fairly polished. I watched lots of Derek Liu videos. I’m a decent video editor. I wrote a unique song and had a professional record vocals for it. So I really did put some effort into it.

But the trailer doesn’t satisfyingly explain the game mechanics. I asked people. They told me.

I don’t think I understand the mechanics that well after watching it, which is something I usually want from a puzzle game trailer (not that I want everything spoiled, but the basics)

Watching The Godkiller trailer two times and I’m still kind of wondering what the gameplay is like.

I think I have an idea of the gameplay, but only after rewatching a couple of times.

And a game marketing consultant, Chris Zukowski, told me the same thing. So it’s back to the drawing board on the trailer.

But let’s just take a moment to experience the pain of rejection…

“You mean everybody is not impressed with my very special trailer that I worked super-hard on?”

2021-04-21 09.44.16


The good news for me is that the game mechanics for The Godkiller are, in my opinion, unique and understandable. I just need to take some time in the video to show them properly.

Here’s an example of a trailer for a puzzle game that has the structure I’m intending.

New trailer coming in a bit.

The Godkiller, wishlist on Steam.

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