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Well, I didn't want to announce it before the trailer was done, but...

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Well, I didn't want to announce it before the trailer was done, but I did anyway. Cool. Most of what you see isn't finalized, so feel free to criticize and suggest changes and we'll be sure to take 'em into account.

I'll be posting different monster designs and getting feedback on them until I find one the community is happy with, and then I'll use it to create the trailer. The plan in the end is that you'll be chased by only one antagonist in this first episode, so keep that in mind.

What kind of gameplay is planned?
Pretty much just imagine Amnesia with ponies. The game will be heavily focused on escaping rather than combat, however there will be instances where you can slow down and impede enemies so you can escape.

Why not just make an Amnesia mod?

While this first episode is not going to be co-operative, I'd like to keep the option open for later episodes. Plus there are some scenes where having a player model is going to be a must, and Unreal is much more flexible in that regard.

Episodes? Really?
Yeah, yeah, I know, episodic gaming doesn't have a great reputation, but we're sure as heck going to TRY to make more of these.

You can also watch our Tumblr here for more frequent updates: Partyhardproductions.tumblr.com



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